freshen up your new tab page.

Fast. Powerful. Sexy.

A new place every hour.

We get you a new hand-picked wallpaper every hour. You'll be more travelled than your "world exploring best friend" before you know it!

Powerful. Like really powerful.

Search the web, your bookmarks, your downloads and more right from fruumo search bar on your new tab page.

Search engine

Don't blink, you might miss it.

Fruumo is very very fast. It loads in less than 0.2 seconds. It uses almost 0 system resources while idling.

Recently closed tabs

Oops. I closed that tab!

Never lose an important tab again! You can view all the tabs you recently closed in one click!

Way too distracting.

We get it. Sometimes all you want is a search bar and nothing else. Press alt+f or go into the settings to activate Focus mode.

You know you want to.